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Nick Johnson - Google Local Guide

I can’t say enough about how my jiu jitsu has improved in just a couple months at this gym. The coaches are thorough with their instruction and focus on helping their students understand how and why the techniques are effective. Unlike other gyms I’ve been to, the situational rolling at the end of class gives me an opportunity to practice what I’ve learned, experience the counters to those same techniques, and have a deeper understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each position. This is a very professional team!

Tom Maxeiner - Google

PLEASE READ: I came down to Hendersonville to visit my family for a week (I am from Chicago), Coach Travis and Coach Logan not only welcomed me with open arms, but made sure I was part of the team. After my first class, I felt like family. I am unbelievably honored to sit under Coach Travis's teaching. He is second to none, and his lessons not only make me a better martial artist and better at Jiu Jitsu, but make me a better student, a better employee, and a better man. As a beginner in Jiu Jitsu, the lessons Coach Travis has taught me will last a lifetime. Coach Travis has taught me a love and respect for Jiu Jitsu that will never go away, and I will forever be thankful for. Being part of the Profectus team has been one of the biggest blessings and honors of my life. I cannot wait to get back down here to TN and train with Coach Travis. Please come check them out, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make

Kevin Terry - Google

Perfect for all levels and ages! If you are interested in getting your kids into jiu-jitsu, want to start yourself, or are looking to compete, Profectus is the place to be. Great people and just an awesome environment.

Luke Kane - Google

“The Community of people at Profectus Jiu-Jitsu is unmatched! Coach Logan, Coach Dennis and Professor Travis have such a wide breadth & depth of knowledge and truly care about the progress of their students! Membership fees and merch costs are reasonable, the facility is kept clean, and the overall atmosphere is always positive and fun! Kids classes are expanding as well and there isn't anyone better to teach/mentor your children! #HighlyRecommend #BJJ #Oss."

Joel Mallard - Google

If you have ever thought about trying Jiu Jitsu I'm telling you this is the place to do it. My 8 year old son asked me for 2 years to get him in, and I would always tell him that I would. When I finally decided to get him in, I chose Profectus Hendersonville because of the first conversation I had with Professor Travis. The first day I took my son I saw how fast he learned and caught on. As a youth pastor for 4 years and a pastor for 21 years, I immediately saw coach Logan's love for the sport, and how talented he was, and how well he worked with the kids. One month later to my surprise, I tried a class, and absolutely loved it! The great thing for me was they allowed me to go at my own pace and helped me begin where I was. In just 2 months I have lost weight and am already eating better and FEELING better today than I have in 20 years, NOT kidding. STOP waiting and get here you will not regret it. Professor Travis and coach Logan are the most professional guys you will meet, and the knowledge they provide is amazing. It's more than a class it's a family here, and you will be welcomed in the day you come in the door. You will love this place. Thanks guys

Luke Boren - Google

I am a critical reviewer and have high expectations for others and myself. I have the highest expectations for those people who I allow to be influential in the lives of my kids. In the case of Profectus BJJ, I can truly say that all my expectations have been blown away. The organization is professional and somehow family at the same time. The coaches are not just technically excellent, but also personally excellent. My three children have trained under Coach Logan for the past year and have grown in many ways. He demonstrates an exceptional skill as a physical educator and balances fun and discipline well. The rewards have far outpaced our monthly tuition
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